Mediation has become an increasingly popular way to resolve disputes, and it enjoys an extremely high success rate.

A neutral third party is often indispensable for resolving intractable disputes. According to recent statistics, 75-85% of all mediation proceedings result in the case being successfully resolved. And, unlike litigation, mediation is much more likely to preserve the relationship between the parties.

Mediation also offers a number of other advantages:

  • It provides a forum for parties to talk about their problem in an open and honest manner with a neutral third party present to clarify the nature of the problem and issues from both sides. A neutral forum makes it possible for the parties to develop and evaluate a greater range of options for dealing with the situation.
  • It provides a less costly and more expeditious option for resolving disputes. A mediator can usually work through a dispute in as little as 2-3 sessions, which results in dramatic cost savings compared to other forms of dispute resolution such as litigation or arbitration.
  • It allows the dispute to remain confidential. This enables the parties to talk frankly and fully about the issues without fear of any information being used against them at a later stage.
  • It is more likely that parties will honor any agreement they reach since the outcome of the mediation represents a mutual decision, rather than one handed down by a third party such as an arbitrator or judge.

Mediate Facilitate provides a complete range of mediation services. We have mediated workplace, civil rights (including EEO), commercial, family, and community disputes. We mediate disputes for the government and private organizations.

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