Meeting Facilitation
We facilitate meetings, retreats and strategic planning sessions, and assist organizations to go through transition.

Our meeting facilitation services include the following:

Objective Setting
No meeting will succeed unless participants understand the purpose of the meeting. We will work with you to articulate the purpose of your meeting so that participants are on the same page about what the meeting is supposed to accomplish.

Meeting Design
In the design phase, we will work with you to determine (i) who should participate in the meeting and why, (ii) the decision-making process that the group will use to accomplish its objectives, (iii) the roles of the participants, including the facilitator, and (iv) the time allocation for the topics to be covered in the meeting.

Meeting Management
Mediate Facilitate has vast experience in running effective meetings. We use a customized set of tools to gather information, analyze the issues, clarify and evaluate options, and generate solutions. Our presence at a meeting ensures that it achieves its goals.

One of the most common problems with organizational meetings is that ideas emerging from the meeting phase are not implemented. We will work with you after the meeting to ensure that your organization successfully implements the ideas emerging from the meeting.

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