More about Ivor Heyman
Ivor graduated with a Bachelors and law degree from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. After witnessing the effects of violence and conflict in his native country, Ivor committed himself to improving the human condition. He subsequently graduated with a Masters of Law from Duke University (1995), and practiced law in Washington DC and New York. In 1999, he founded Mediate Facilitate. In addition to leading workshops and seminars, Ivor facilitates strategic planning and other retreats for nonprofit organizations.

Since 2000, Ivor has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations undergoing transition. Ivor believes that an organization is like any living organism: if one part is not working, then the whole organism suffers. In facilitating meetings, workshops and retreats, Ivor is comfortable working with groups ranging from 5-500, and has been trained as an Open Space Technology facilitator.

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